The Restaurant Photographer | Make a Great First Impression


I specialise in making great first impressions for clients such as bars, restaurants, hotels and bakeries through eye catching photography.

Making great first impressions with prospective clients is incredibly important. Getting people to come through your door, or visit your site, starts with the first impression you make. 9 times out of 10 this is through effective photography and graphics.

Show off the stunning menu you have, and your chefs awesome skills or your bartenders creative flair with cocktails!

It’s important to highlight the strongest elements of your business. If its food, then get great images of your amazing food, on the plate, being created by your chef or baker. Get great images of the amazing local produce you use even before it is turned into your fantastic product.

Showcasing your amazing produce, dishes, drinks to their fullest potential using great photography is essentially what I do. But understanding the processes and environments involved comes from my past experience as a chef and from running my own catering business.

To get your clients involved, interested and invested before they even step foot in your business, I tell a story of what it is like at your venue.

I make the dishes really jump out at you so that clients can visualise a quality experience just by viewing the photos.


Here’s some examples of a recent shoot I did for the Juniper Green Inn (currently re-branding) near Edinburgh. Doesn’t this Christmas food look appealing? We were looking to capture that warm homely pub atmosphere with great food.

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